Installing uploadprogress on Debian Lenny

If you are running Drupal on Debian 5.0 Lenny then there is a good chance that you have notice the following status warning on your Drupal install.

Your server is capable of displaying file upload progress, but does not have the required libraries. It is recommended to install the PECL uploadprogress library (preferred) or to install APC.

For me, having feedback on how the upload is progressing is a necessity when working with files that take longer than a few seconds to upload.  Luckily, this library is easy to install.  The article is used to install uploadprogress on Debian Lenny is here.  The only thing I will add to the howto is that I also had to install make.  I'll list out all the command I used here for reference.

$ sudo apt-get install php-pear
$ sudo apt-get install php5-dev
$ sudo pecl install uploadprogress
$ # Add the line '' in the php.ini settings file
$ sudo vim /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini
$ sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart
$ # Removing the installed dev packages is optional but recommended on a production server
$ sudo apt-get remove autoconf automake automake1.4 autotools-dev binutils cpp cpp-4.3 gcc  gcc-4.3 libc6-dev libgmp3c2 libgomp1 libltdl3-dev libmpfr1ldbl  libssl-dev libtool linux-libc-dev m4 shtool zlib1g-dev php5-dev