Resources for using Duplicity on Debian Lenny

For anyone interested in backing up their Debian server, Duplicity is an excellent solution.  Of course, I cannot simply just say use Duplicity.  As with most things there are several caveats and gotchas that will make Duplicity much more difficult to setup without the resources I'm sharing here.

The best resource I found, which is almost all I needed was this blog post for installing Duplicity on several versions of Debian.  The blog post also provides a thorough script for running Duplicity.

Some other resources I used was this Debian wiki for getting the needed packages for building Duplicity.  You see, Duplicity for Debian will not work when backing up to Amazon S3 with the default Debian packages.  A newer version of Duplicity needs to be compiled and installed.

I hope those resources help.  They certainly helped me.  As always, feel free to leave a comment or question.