I am a freelance web developer by profession working primarily with UpgradeYa. I also maintain a bunch of obscure open source projects, mostly hosted on Github.


My most important project is my family. I spend as much time as I can with my wife and children. I figured out how I could work from home, partly to spend more time with my family.

Free Talk Live

I helped transition Free Talk Live into a Drupal 7 website and I am one of the current maintainers.

Open Source

I work on various projects to help me (and hopefully others) use Linux and other open source projects. See my Patreon page to follow my work and support me. I also have a list of other projects I have worked on.


I exchange my services for bitcoin and I am a local meetup organizer in the North Carolina area. You can often find me at the Triangle Bitcoin Meetup which I help organize.

Health & Fitness

I have been into fitness since the 1990s when I was involved in cross country and track sports. I was convinced that regular exercise was an important part of health for the human body. Although, 20 years later I learned that nutrition is an equally, if not more, important part of health. I learned this lesson because of chronic respiratory problems I was having, which was only cured by changing my diet to a diet which more closely conforms to what ancient humans might have eaten. Much of my understanding about this new way of eating is from the book Paleo in a Nutshell: Living and Eating the Way Nature Intended.

Philosophy and self knowledge

Through much of my early life I had little understanding of philosophy and I had even less knowledge about myself. I was disconnected with my own emotions and I didn’t know what made me happy. After several bouts of mild depression due to unfulfilling jobs and relationships, I was finally about to begin making some decisions in my life which I believe lead me to a more sustainable and happy life.

I feel like I owe this change to several online resources and books including Free Talk Live, Freedomain Radio, Complete Liberty and Nathanal Branden’s The Six Pillars of Self Esteem. I am also lucky to have had supportive friends and family while I made changes which surely challenged (threatened) their own beliefs.

I look forward to sharing, with those close in my life, strategies on how to communicate with each other in such a way that we are constantly trying to achieve happiness in each of our lives. This can sometimes be a challenge as many feel they can only get their needs met at the expense of another.


When I have time I enjoy gaming but not playing much at the moment. I do however have time to listen to Video Game Music while I’m working which I really enjoy. One of my favorite shows is Game Fuel.


I’m a linux fanboy. Mostly because I am dedicated to the idea of open source. I try to run all my devices on open source software and I try to stay up to date on new open source technologies. Right now I am running Arch Linux on my laptop. Before that I ran Gentoo, which was quite a learning experience. I still use Windows (and a Steam Link) for gaming, but I have been happy to see more an more games coming to Linux.

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