Savanna Model website

The books by Geoff Bond, a nutritional anthropologist, have changed my life. I first read Deadly Harvest which convinced me to change my diet to a mainly vegetarian, non-grain, diet. Geoff later wrote the book Paleo in a Nutshell which is a more concise book on the same topic as Deadly Harvest. Because my diet was so bad, I didn’t know what many of the foods Geoff talks about even looked like! How to prepare the foods was another problem for me. Following Geoff Bond’s shopping list was very helpful to me when modifying my diet.

From Geoff Bond’s work, mainly from his books, I took it upon myself to create a website to help others in picking out the most healthy foods for themselves. The website is based off of Geoff’s shopping list PDF and includes more detailed information on each food. I have even tried to include a food image to help in finding the foods in a grocery store or market.

While still a work in progress, the website should be useful. Feedback or help contributing is welcome.

Last edited on May 8, 2022 - 01:02:31 PM