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Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid LAMP server running php 5.2 and 5.3

Note: I could not get 5.2 and 5.3 running at the same time. I could only get them both installed so where I could quickly enable one or the other.  I had to use a2enmod php5 and a2dismod php5 to turn PHP 5.2 on and off because PHP 5.3 would also take priority otherwise.

Setup 'git pull' to work without specifying a branch

I have received the following error message several times now on different projects from using 'git pull'.

Annoying warning message in Debian Lenny: perl: warning: Setting locale failed.

Everytime I setup a Debian server and install some software using apt-get I will get an error message like this:

Remove annoying terminal beep in Ubuntu

Most probably know this but I didn't. To remove the annoying terminal beep in Ubuntu 10.04 go to (In the terminal window):

Edit -> Profiles...
Edit the Default Profile
Uncheck the "Terminal bell"
Click the Close button

That was easy. Only needed to know where to look. And now no longer annoying beeps when I press the TAB button to get directory listings. Great!

DevNullSMTP configuration in Ubuntu 9.10 and 10.04

If you have ever wanted to see what emails were being sent from your Ubuntu computer but did not want the emails to actually be sent then you are probably looking for a type of fake mail program. The one that I like is DevNullSMTP. The only problem is that I could not get it to work without a installing sendmail and then disabling the deamon. These were the steps that I had to do.

Install sendmail-bin "sudo apt-get install sendmail-bin"
Turn off deamon using "sudo update-rc.d -f sendmail remove"
Reboot computer

Wireless trouble in Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid with Ralink RT2860 chipset

Once again I am having trouble with the Ralink RT2860 chipset wireless card under Ubuntu. I have had an issue with this NIC since 9.04! The problem has been that the card would not connect to wireless networks and would keep asking for a password even though it had already been entered. The fix for 9.04 and 9.10, for me, is described in this forum post.

Strange IE bug on the first load only; Caused by the "Optimize CSS files" setting

Most of the time turning on "Optimize CSS files" in the performace section of Drupal works great. But, for some reason, having this option turned on was causing the jquery.cycle plugin to break only on the very first load of Internet Explorer. What was happening was that the second image to transition in was being resized to about 50x50px when it should have been something like 900x300px.

Site SEO and the many Drupal modules

I have finally gotten around to installing all of the modules for Drupal SEO on this site. I always follow the SEO checklist when setting up SEO for customers and my own sites. I have realized in setting up the SEO modules that I use a TON of modules! I thought it would be fun to list out all of the modules used for this simple portfolio and blog site. Here goes:

Account Menu
Administration menu
Backup and Migrate
File Field
Global Redirect
Google Analytics
Image API
Image Cache
Image Field
jQuery UI
Page Title

Drupal maintenance mode scare

When I was upgrading from 6.12 to 6.13 on one of the sites I maintain accidentally locked myself out of the site! I was following the usual procedure to upgrade the Drupal, or at least I thought I was, except that I forgot to change the default theme to Garland. To make matters worse, after I uploaded the new 6.13 files I realized I couldn't run the update database scripts because I was not user 1. So, of course I logged out to get into user 1 and found that I couldn't log back in.

New website and server!

I just setup a new Linode server and configured it so that I could run my new Drupal powered homepage. Alright! Here are of the particulars without going into too much detail.

  • Linode server running CentOS 5.3 64bit
  • I mostly followed this helpful tutorial to harden the server and install the basic software.
  • Running the latest PHP, MySQL, Apache2 which I installed using yum.
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